December 8, 2020

About Us

In 2007 Honeywell Creation was founded in the industrial city of Tirupur in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. From the outset, the goal has been to establish a modern and technologically dynamic apparel manufacturing factory that can accommodate ever-changing fashion industry needs. From its humble
beginning in 2007 with less than 40 power-operated sewing machines, Honeywell Creation has grown into a significant manufacturing facility in less than a decade. Today’s Honeywell Creation is equipped with 1,800 power-operated Japanese sewing machines that are the most modern and the finest in the industry.
Lean management principles are followed throughout the organization to achieve maximum efficiency. Advanced machinery operated by highly qualified personnel in the industry makes Honeywell Creation among the best in the apparel manufacturing craft.

Every stage in the manufacturing process is monitored carefully to insure quality. A dedicated team of inspectors is strategically placed starting from the raw materials sourcing through the Final packing and shipping.
* Best quality yarn is procured from the best sources around the world
* Fabric knitting/weaving is continuously monitored to maintain consistency
* Fabric processing is done in eco-friendly plants with the least impact on the environment
* Every roll of the Finished fabric is thoroughly checked before it is moved to the manufacturing Floor
* During production (DUPRO), End Line Inspection (ELI) and Pre-Finishing Random Inspection (PRI) are well
integrated to ensure each garment passes through several points of inspection before reaching the Finishing section
* Pre-packing inspection is carried out at the Final checkpoint before the garments are packed in cartons
Pre-Final Random Inspection: Factory’s in-house inspection team is well trained and authorized to conduct a rigorous inspection before the official inspection from the customer’s nominated inspection agency.

Best business practices are followed throughout the organization.
* Dedicated personnel
* Performance incentives
* Easy access to top management
* Commitment to excellence
* Clear and target specific assignments
* Quality Circles and Team effort are widely practiced

Honeywell Creation has been certified by world renowned organizations:

* OEKO-TEX – 2010
* WALMART – 2019
* GRS – 2019
* GOTS – 2016
* SEDEX – 2008
* BSCI – 2010
* WRAP – 2009